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Haddock Shooting - Who Controls Loyalist Gangs?

31 May, 2006

Sinn Féin Assembly member for North Belfast Gerry Kelly today said that yesterdays murder bid on Special Branch agent and senior UVF figure Mark Haddock, again raised serious questions about who actually controlled the loyalist gangs.

Mr Kelly said:

“It is widely accepted that Mark Haddock was a senior figure in the UVF. The gang he was believed to be leading carried out numerous murders. It is also widely believed that Mark Haddock was controlled and directed by the Special Branch throughout this period while he was engaged in killings with the full knowledge of his handlers.

“The Police Ombudsman is currently completing an investigation into Haddock’s activities and those of the Special Branch figures who controlled him. The attempt to kill Haddock last night follows a long standing pattern. Billy Stobie, another Special Branch agent and a man involved in the murder of Pat Finucane died in similar circumstances.

“Many will believe that last nights attempt to murder Mark Haddock was an attempt to silence him and help prevent further allegations of widespread and systematic collusion between the Special Branch and the loyalist death squads emerging. Those members of the Special Branch who handled Mark Haddock would have much to gain from his death. This reality raises serious questions about who controls these gangs and who controlled the loyalist gang involved in yesterday evenings murder bid.” ENDS


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