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O'Hagan - British Parties would be irrelevant in Irish Politics

22 July, 2003

Commenting on the decision of the British Labour Party's Executive to recommend organising in the six counties Sinn Féin Representative for Upper Bann Dr. Dara O'Hagan said:

" The dynamic and logic of the Good Friday Agreement is about shifting power, control and influence away from London and onto the island of Ireland. The result of this has been for partitionist parties in both the 6 and 26 Counties to explore the possibility of following Sinn Féin and organising on an all-Ireland basis.

" The reality is that we do not need British parties organising in Ireland. We already have Irish parties organised in Ireland. There is no logic political or otherwise for the British Labour Party organising in Ireland.

"History tells us, that in any election British Labour party candidates would be peripheral figures in much the same way as the Tories in the six counties have been." ENDS

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