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McLaughlin expresses regret at Perfecseal action

8 June, 2006

Sinn Féin MLA for Foyle and the party spokesperson on Economic Affairs has expressed his regret at the action of Perfecseal Management to arbitrarily dismiss the entire workforce who were engaged in industrial action.

Mitchel McLaughlin said:

"I regret the fact that Perfecseal Management arbitrarily took the decision to dismiss the workforce who were engaged in industrial action in support of suspended colleagues. I don't believe that this heavy-handed approach is conducive to building the conditions required to allow the plant to return to normal production, which would be in the best interests of workers and management.

"What is required is cool heads and mature discussion to reach an accommodation aimed at bridging the differences between both parties and a resumption of production in an atmosphere conducive to good industrial relations. I urge both parties to resume negotiations immediately to reach a resolution to this dispute. If I can be of any assistance in this process I would be only too willing to assist." ENDS

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