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Education reform being held to ransom

12 June, 2006

Sinn Féin Education Spokesperson, Michael Ferguson MLA has accused British direct rule Ministers of holding education reform to ransom.

Mr Ferguson said:

"Education reform should not be put on the long finger. Progress should not be determined by the willingness or otherwise of the DUP to grow up and take responsibility for the big issues affecting people in the north.

"What Maria Eagles has done today is to effectively hold educational reform to ransom. This is not a sensible way to proceed on such an important issue.

"The debate on ending academic selection should be over. Yet it is only the pro-grammar school lobby that want to re-open the debate. The DUP by making educational change impossible makes educational crisis inevitable.

"If the British government are prepared to put this on hold until November to see if the DUP are prepared to do the business will they now do the same with water charges or rates increases." ENDS

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