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Hain warned against pandering to DUP

14 June, 2006

Sinn Féin Newry Armagh MP Conor Murphy has warned British Secretary of State Peter Hain against pandering to the negative agenda of the DUP.

Mr Murphy said:

"Peter Hain should not allow the DUP to set the agenda for the return of a fully functioning Assembly and Executive. Pandering to the DUP over the last year has not worked. It has only encouraged their intransigence.

"It appears the DUP's focus at present is to manipulate the 6 week timetable within which there should be an Executive formed.

"The message from the British government should be clear and simple, if the DUP are not prepared to do the work required to get the institutions up and running then they will call time on the Hain Assembly.

"The DUP have got to take responsibility for getting down to business. Instead they are fixated with the pantomime of talking shop debates.

"There are very important issues, bread and butter issues, that we need to get to grips with but the fact is that this will only happen when get a power sharing Executive back in place.

"The coming weeks will test whether the DUP are serious. Pandering to the DUP by providing them a cover for their intransigence is a mistake and means that they will be less likely to genuinely engage in the necessary work required to prepare for government." ENDS

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