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Doolan - Council blows €10.5m on incinerator 

19 June, 2006

Sinn Féin's Dublin Environment Spokesperson & Representative for Dublin South East, Councillor Daithí Doolan, has slammed, "City Council officials for spending over €10m of public money on promoting an incinerator that is prohibited by the City Development Plan." This information has only come into the public arena as a result of a question put the City Manager by Councillor Doolan.  Speaking this morning, Cllr. Doolan said:

"I am totally outraged  that Council officials have spent over €10million of tax payers money on promoting an incinerator for the Poolbeg Peninsula which nobody wants.  Despite all their money and glossy brochures the truth is that the City Council continues to oppose this incinerator. The €10.5m has paid for private consultants, newsletters, newspaper advertising, posters and information sessions. The fact is the proposed incinerator for Poolbeg Peninsula is excluded from the Dublin City Development Plan and this position has been endorsed by City Councillors. No amount of gloss or money can deny that fact.''

Cllr. Doolan explains, "no one doubts that this City faces a massive waste crisis, but simply promoting and then imposing an incinerator on the people of Dublin will not solve the problem. If the proposed incinerator goes ahead then it will get locked into the waste management cycle and becomes impossible to remove. We must not allow this to happen. Here in Dublin we have the opportunity to make a real difference by abandoning plans for incineration and adopting a Zero Waste Strategy based on the reducing, reusing and recycling of waste. The millions wasted on this public relations racket should rightly have been invested in promoting reduction of waste and invested in our fledgling recycling industry. That would have made a real difference to the waste crisis facing this City."

In conclusion Cllr. Doolan, demanded, "the incoming City Manager, John Tierney, to stop spending millions of public money on a project that has no public support." ENDS

Full text of question and answer is printed below.

Question to City Manager
City Council Meeting


Can the Manger please outline how much has the City spent to date on the Waste to Energy project in Dublin's Poolbeg Peninsula, including consultant's fees, and how much does it intend to spend in the future.


The City Council has spent €10.5m on the Waste to Energy project in Dublin's Poolbeg Peninsula. This is primarily on public awareness and consultation, the public procurement process and matters associated with the preparation of the licence application to An Bord Pleanala, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Commission for Energy Regulation including the Environmental Impact Statement for the project. This expenditure is funded through the Cohesion Fund.


The City Council is not in a position, at this stage to outline the future expenditure on the project, as this will be largely influenced by whether the planning and licensing applications are successful, what conditions if any that will be imposed by An Bord Pleanala, the E.P.A. and the Commission for Energy Regulation and the completion of negotiations with the selected bidder.      

Question to City Manager
South East Area Committee
Meeting, 13th March 2006   


Q10.     Councillor Daithí Doolan

Can the Manager outline what budget has been allocated for the information sessions, advertising and literature circulated in relation to the proposed incinerator on the Poolbeg Peninsula?


The Regional Office in Ringsend has taken a series of initiatives in the past number of years to inform the Local Community of the City Council's proposals in relation to the proposed Waste to Energy Plant.  These initiatives included eleven Public Information Sessions; a newsletter called 'Wastewise' circulated to around 8,000 local households and community groups; information articles/advertisements in the "News Four" magazine; occasional posters circulated to shops and businesses; and letters to Community Interest Group members relating to the open days.  In total in the region of €104,000 has been spent by the City Council on these initiatives. 

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