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Minster and Garda Commissioner need to clarify what resources are available to fight crime in Coolock district

22 June, 2006

Donaghmede Councillor Killian Forde has called on the Garda Commissioner and the Minister of Justice to explain the conflicting opinion between them and local frontline Garda on what is needed to be able to respond effectively to the huge increase in murders in the Coolock Garda district.

Councillor Forde stated that "Other Councillors, local Residents groups and members of the public have been repeatedly told by local Garda that the reason behind the poor response time to emergency calls is due to a lack of vehicles or personnel. On a number of occasions I have been told that the Coolock Garda station only has "one patrol car", yet we have a statement from the Minister this morning stating that Commissioner Conroy informed him that resources are not an issue in the Coolock District!"

In addition Councillor Forde points out to ever falling numbers of Garda assigned to Coolock Garda station. As far back as 1980 there were 108 Garda at Coolock, in 1996 it was down to 90 Garda and last year despite a huge increase in population and an increase in crime rates the Coolock district had been assigned only 85 officers.

Councillor Forde said "It is clear that Coolock district is seriously unfunded and local Garda being starved of the equipment to do their job effectively, yet the Commissioner and the Minister are stubbornly blind to this. In the light of four unconnected murders taking place in the last 2 months in my own small electoral ward and a further two this year in the Coolock Garda District, it is plainly obvious that there needs to be an urgent increases in Garda personnel properly equipped to tackle this most serious of crime outbreaks."

Forde added "Commissioner Conroy and the Minister need to visit Coolock Station and listen to the needs of local Garda and provide them with enough vehicles and resources to tackle this issue". ENDS

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