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DUP attack on GAA funding is sectarian

24 July, 2003

Responding to an attack on funding for the GAA by Gregory Campbell, Sinn Féin Representative for Newry & Armagh Conor Murphy has said that it is 'typical anti-Catholic, anti-GAA nonsense from the DUP'.

Mr Murphy said:

"For years the DUP have mounted a sectarian campaign against the GAA. At various times this anti-GAA cheer leading has resulted in attacks by the various unionist paramilitary organisations on GAA members and GAA property. That is the context in which we must view this latest attack by Gregory Campbell.

"The GAA is the largest sporting organisation in Ireland. It makes an invaluable contribution to society across the island and merits any statutory funding it receives. It is more popular in terms of participation and spectators than either rugby, cricket or local soccer. Maybe that is the real problem Gregory Campbell has with the GAA." ENDS

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