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Unionists looking for excuses

22 June, 2006

Sinn Féin Newry Armagh MP Conor Murphy speaking after three days of the 'Preparation for Government' committee at Stormont has DUP are still looking for excuses instead of engaging seriously in the genuine preparatory work for the restoration a power sharing Executive.

Mr Murphy said:

"The preparation for government committee has met on eight occasions over the past three weeks. Instead of a genuine focus on the important work of preparing for the restoration of a power-sharing government the DUP continue to look for excuses to block progress.

"The DUP are more interested in talking-shop debates in an Assembly which has no decision making capability than in joining in a power-sharing government.

"This is not the positive strong leadership that they proclaim. It is weak and negative leadership that ultimately abandons their own constituents to bad decisions being made by British direct rule ministers. The DUP may complain about issues such as water charges and rates increases but they have no credibility as long as they refuse to take responsibility for the decision making process.

"People want their politicians to do much more than just talk about issues such as water charges, rates increases, education cuts and rural planning. People want their elected representatives to take responsibility and take decisions." ENDS

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