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Meehan - Catholic Family forced to leave their Antrim home

6 October, 2003

South Antrim Sinn Féin Representative Martin Meehan has accused unionist paramilitaries of attacking the home of a catholic family in the Parkhall estate in Antrim last night. The family have now left their home.

Cllr. Meehan said:

"Last night a number of masked and it is believed armed men attempted to gain entry to a catholic home in the Parkhall estate in Antrim. When the householder saw the masked men he bolted the door and prevented them entering his home. After failing to gain entry to the house the men then attacked the family car and smashed nine windows in the house before fleeing.

"The family have now left their home and they are in temporary accommodation determined not to return to their home. This is the latest blatantly sectarian attack on a catholic family in Antrim. It is part of a sustained campaign by unionists to intimidate Catholics from mixed estates in the town. Many nationalists will be watching closely the response of the various unionist political leaderships in the town in the face of this latest attack." ENDS

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