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Murphy calls for Cory report to be published and acted upon

6 October, 2003

Speaking on the day that Judge Cory will deliver his report on collusion to the British government, Sinn Féin Representative on the issue Conor Murphy has called on the report to be published and it recommendations acted upon.

Mr Murphy said:

"In the past reports into collusion by Stalker, Sampson and Stevens have been suppressed by the very British securocrats whose activities they were supposed to be investigating. This cannot be allowed to happen to Judge Cory's report.

"Already there is overwhelming evidence in a number of the cases that Judge Cory has investigated that the British State were directly involved in the murder of citizens through the manipulation, control and direction of unionist death squads. In line with the wishes of these families independent inquiries should now take place without any further delay." ENDS

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