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Adams - Governments need to show decisive leadership

27 June, 2006

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP speaking from Norway, where he is attending the Oslo Forum to speak about the process of conflict resolution said: 

“Every conflict resolution process requires governments to play leading roles.  This is particularly true in this phase of the Irish Peace Process.  There is a strong imperative on the Irish and British governments to be decisive in setting out and implementing their strategy to deliver on the Good Friday Agreement.  

“Yesterday once again we saw Peter Hain and Dermot Ahern meeting in Hillsborough to discuss everything except the actual problem.  Senior British and Irish government figures constantly repeating that the November 24th deadline is ‘sacrosanct’ is of little value unless there is an actual strategy in place to get the political institutions back and running by that date.


“It seems that the governments’ approach is to give the DUP more time in the hope that they might come on board with the other parties.  If that is the case, they run the risk of throwing away this opportunity for progress.


“The DUP have set out their position.  They said no to Ian Paisley’s nomination as First Minister, they have disrupted the working of the Preparation for Government Committee – making it all but meaningless to date, and they have rejected all attempts to return to power-sharing.  And last night we saw Ian Paisley once again attempt to introduce new preconditions.


“On Thursday the governments need to spell out how progress can be made. Sinn Féin is committed to making this process work.  I believe that all of the other parties with the exception of the DUP want this to work also.  But if we are to succeed the two governments need to stop lecturing the parties who are up for power sharing and deal with the real issues.”ENDS


Note: The Sinn Féin Officer Board and the party’s negotiations committee will be meeting tomorrow to begin the review which was announced by Gerry Adams last Saturday.



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