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Clear majority in Dáil in support of northern representation - it's time for the Irish government to act

30 June, 2006

Sinn Fein TDs and support staff from Leinster House are meeting in the heart of South Armagh today for a day long series of meetings to advance preparations for the General Election in the 26 Counties which is due next year and to review their work as this session of the Dáil comes to an end. It is the first time that this gathering has taken place in the Six Counties. They will discuss the issues which the party intend to prioritise during the election campaign and which Sinn Féin wants to see delivered in government.

The Leinster House team was also updated by Gerry Adams and Conor Murphy on yesterday's meetings in Stormont with the Taoiseach and British Prime Minister. They also discussed their approach to the review initiated by Gerry Adams to examine the party's approach to the Hain Assembly.

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP said:

"Yesterday Bertie Ahern and Tony Blair came to Belfast and set out a clear timetable for the restoration of the political institutions. This is to be welcomed and I hope it will be followed speedily by action. What is critical is that publicly made commitments are honoured and that public confidence is restored in the ability of the process to deliver real change. All of this places a big responsibility on the British Prime Minister and the Taoiseach.

"Among the outstanding issues to be resolved is the issue of northern representation. Nowhere is this more relevant than here in South Armagh, where Conor Murphy is the sitting MP. The Taoiseach says that he reneged on his public commitment to Northern Representation because he does not have the support of Fine Gael or the Labour Party, who have done a u-turn on this issue due to the proximity of the election.

"I want to call on the Taoiseach not to allow these parties to dictate the government‚s policy. I want to call on him to restore nationalist confidence in his governments handling of the process by delivering on northern representation in the Dáil. There is a clear majority in the Dáil in support of such proposals. They can be implemented now." ENDS

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