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Laird Criticism Of World Rally Bid - Petty And Narrow Minded

7 July, 2006

Sinn Féin Féin Assembly member for Fermanagh and South Tyrone Thomas O’Reilly has described the attack on the bid to bring a round of the World Rally Championship to Ireland by UUP peer John Laird as ‘petty, narrow minded and out of step’.

Mr O’Reilly said:

“Not for the first time John Laird finds himself isolated and completely out of step not just with public opinion but out of step with the thinking within his own party and community in Fermanagh who have given this bid tremendous support.

“It seems that John Laird’s opposition has little to do with finance and all to do with the fact that this is a successful cross border bid brought about by communities, business leaders and politicians working together and all pulling in the one direction.

“The people involved in the successful bid to bring the World Rally Championship to Ireland deserve nothing but congratulations. Over 150,000 people will descend on the border area next November. Another 800 million people world wide will watch this event on television. Only someone with a petty, narrow minded view of the world could possibly see this as a retrograde step.” ENDS

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