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BBC criticised for using public money to promote Orange Order

11 July, 2006

Sinn Féin Assembly member for North Belfast Kathy Stanton has accused the BBC of using public money to promote the Orange Order's 12th parades.

Ms Stanton said:

" Each year the BBC spend the publics money presenting live coverage of the annual Twelfth parades. In this programme the parades are presented as some sort cultural festival. No mention is made of the sectarian nature of the event and the paramilitary displays by the many of the bands present are conveniently ignored by the commentators.

„"No amount of window dressing by the BBC can alter the fact that the Orange Order is an anti-Catholic organisation which continues to insist on marching through areas where it is clearly not wanted. For the vast majority of people who live here and who are not connected to the Orange Order, the 12th July is a byword of violence, domination and disruption.

"The BBC need to recognise the reality which exists. The days of the Orange Order running the six counties as a fiefdom are long gone and it is time that the BBC caught up with this reality." ENDS

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