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Sinn Féin Comment On Irish Government - UDA Talks

14 July, 2006

Commenting after the meeting between the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and the leadership of the UDA in Dublin last night, Sinn Féin TD for Louth Arthur Morgan said that people needed to hear from the UDA that the attacks on Catholics were over, that the drug dealing was over and that they were finally going to engage with the IICD.

Mr Morgan said:

“The lessons of the past 15 years are clearly that dialogue is the only way forward to resolve differences and advance the peace process. However I do understand the unease that many will feel at the Taoiseach sitting down publicly with the leadership of the UDA while it is without doubt still armed, still active, still involved in sectarian and racist attacks and still up to its neck it drug dealing.

“I hope that the Taoiseach made it very clear to the UDA leadership last night that this sort of activity had to end. I hope he made it clear to the UDA that the ongoing sectarian intimidation of Catholics in areas like Ballymena had to end. I hope he made it clear to the UDA that sabre rattling from within loyalism will not deflect the Irish government from the difficult decisions which lie ahead if the DUP continue to block efforts to restore the political institutions.” ENDS

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