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Limerick City Council has duty to clear up waiver mess   

14 July, 2006

Responding to today’s court case in relation to the City Council’s failure to provide a waiver in the January - June 2005 period for city pensioners Maurice Quinlivan Sinn Fein’s general election candidate said:

 “I am very disappointed but not surprised that today’s test case failed. Now Mr. Binman with his victory in court is intent on chasing city pensioners for payment. I am today calling for the City Council to clear up this mess, which relates directly to the council’s failure to provide a waiver for the whole of 2005. I am also calling on Mr. Binman, in view of the fact that he made a profit of more than €1.2million in 2005, to stop pursuing these people in the courts and move on. Limerick City Council boasts of now having a budget surplus yet some of the weakest and most vulnerable people are being relentlessly pursued for monies, which the City Council should have provided in the first instance.”

“Sinn Fein opposed refuse charges from the very beginning and also the subsequent privatisation of the service. City Hall have all but created a private monopoly of a profitable industry which should have remained in public hands for the benefit of the City and it’s citizens. We warned at the time that the waiver scheme would not always be guaranteed and we are now unfortunately being proved right. The City manager in particular has a duty to ensure that this issue is resolved.”

“I would urge City Councillors to assist in sorting this situation out urgently and if necessary to call a special meeting of the City Council to resolve this issue and remove the threats of further court action hanging over city pensioners who should not be expected to pay these charges. We have a moral obligation to ensure this issue is concluded and threats removed from our senior citizens many of whom simply cannot afford to pay these charges.”ENDS

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