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Gerry Kelly responds to Hain speech

16 July, 2006

Responding to the British Secretary of State Peter Hain's remarks this evening in Glenties as part of the Magill Summer School, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Policing and Justice Gerry Kelly said:

"Peter Hain is well aware of the Sinn Féin position on policing. The vast majority of nationalists and republicans believe that the issue of policing remains an unresolved matter which can be sorted out.

"Sinn Féin have set out very clearly the issues which remain to be resolved. The core issue is the transfer of powers away from securocarts in London and the NIO and into the hands of democratically elected politicians in Ireland. We have set out publicly the core of what is needed. That is:
· The enactment of the necessary legislation by the British government to transfer powers on policing and justice.
· Agreement on the detail of what is to be transferred.
· Agreement on the departmental model and a timetable for transfer.

"These are essentially political issues which could be resolved by political parties and the governments quickly if the political will existed. The obstacle to this is the DUP refusal to discuss this issue or to be involved in the institutions of the Good Friday Agreement.

"Peter Hain should concentrate the minds of the British government on convincing the DUP that there is no other way to advance the peace and political process outside of the GFA institutions.

"Sinn Féin want to see an acceptable policing service delivered. That is why we made policing a central part of the political negotiations. We remain determined to build on the progress we have made in recent years and we are committed to delivering the genuinely accountable and acceptable policing service demanded by the Agreement." ENDS

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