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Greenfort shooting - a warning more Gardaí are needed

16 July, 2006

Sinn Féin Dublin Mid West Representative Joanne Spain has called on the Government to look urgently at the number of Gardaí currently stationed in the West of Dublin, particularly in Clondalkin, following a drive-by shooting in the area on Saturday. Spain said gun crime was increasing at a terrifying rate in Dublin Mid West and it was apparent
there aren't enough police to deal with the situation.

She said:
"Saturday's incident resulted in a young woman being taken to hospital with head injuries. It could have been much, much worse.

"The number of gun crimes being reported in the West of Dublin makes for frightening reading. It's only a short time since the M50 shootout and now we have another situation where shots were fired from a moving car. This is Dublin we're talking about, not Beirut.

"The people living in the Mid West of Dublin have enough to contend with. The area is badly structured, under-serviced and in most parts neglected by successive governments. As a result, crime has risen dramatically. The numbers of guards available to tackle crime has not risen in tandem.

"Minister for Justice Michael McDowell passes legislation like it is going out of fashion. None of this legislation is helping the people of Clondalkin who are dealing with anti-social behaviour of an alarming scale. What this area needs is a proper community policing presence to ensure residents feel secure that dangerous elements within their communities are being monitored. ASBOS and a small number of under-trained civilian reserves will not stop crime in Dublin. An increased, well-resourced community policing service will."ENDS

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