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Trends Towards Scottish and English Independence Should Act As Spur for Unionism Here

17 July, 2006

Sinn Féin MP for Newry and Armagh Conor Murphy today said that a weekend poll in the Sunday Mail indicating a massive rise in support of English independence should act as a spur to unionists here to engage with nationalists and republicans on this island and map out a shared future.

Mr Murphy said:

“It has been fairly obvious for sometime that the contradictions which exist at the heart of the British Union have been coming under increasing scrutiny from people living in England. It has got to the stage where even the British Tories are proposing that English MPs alone vote on English issues.

“A weekend poll carried out by ICM in the Sunday Mail indicates a massive rise in support amongst English people for English independence and therefore a dissolution of the Union. In Scotland support for the SNP and independence is rising. It is clear that the trend is away from the Union and towards sovereign and independent states enjoying good neighbourly relations.

“These facts should act as a spur for unionists living here to begin to seriously engage with their nationalist and republican neighbours to map out a shared future for us all. The Good Friday Agreement institutions do offer unionists a path forward yet their political leaderships still seem intent on ignoring the potential which undoubtedly exists.

“They are also guilty of ignoring the trend away from the outdated Acts Of Union which are at the heart of to so called United Kingdom. It is clear that the battening down the hatches approach to politics will no longer work for political unionism here and at some point they will have to face up to the contradictions which lie at the heart of the unionist position and seek out a shared future on this island with the rest of us. The sooner this happens the better for all of us.” ENDS

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