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Sinn Féin not ruling out possible legal challenge to Dublin West 'Democratice Deficit'

19 July, 2006

DUBLIN WEST Sinn Féin Candidate Felix Gallagher tonight confirmed that the party could not rule out the possibility of mounting a legal challenge to the unconstitutional position of only having 3 TDs representing a constituency with a population in excess of 90,000.

Speaking in the aftermath of today's preliminary census figures, Councillor Gallagher said:

"Today's preliminary figures from the CSO are only a numerical vindication of what I have been saying about the constituency for some time now. Not only is the constituency underrepresented, I am of the belief that for decades it has been misrepresented given the out workings of the various planning tribunals. Indeed the area is similarly underrepresented when it comes to Garda numbers. It is high time that this Government sat up and took notice of the people of Dublin West. I will challenge this gross inequality at every turn. The people of Dublin West should get what they are entitled to and should not be treated any differently from other citizens in this state. I intend writing to all party leaders in the Dáil seeking their views on correcting this democratic deficit. Already, I have been in touch with senior Sinn Féin party officers and they are refusing to rule out any possibility that we may mount our own legal challenge to redress this issue." ENDS.

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