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Councillor Burke thanks all those who helped bring closure to hoax call harassment of his mother

26 July, 2006

Sinn Féin Dublin City Councillor Christy Burke has welcomed the courts decision to sentence the individual responsible for harassing his mother, Mary, over a two year period through hoax calls. He said he hopes that this will act as a deterrent to others involved in such activity. He said neither he nor his family bore Rachel Stafford any ill-will and he hoped that she would receive the help she needs to ensure that no-one else has to endure this type of harassment.

Councillor Burke said, "My mother Mary lived on Hardwicke Street her entire life and had many friends in the area. However her quality of life was ruined towards the end of her life as a result of hoax calls made to her home over a two year period. This included calls to emergency services, which then arrived at my mothers home at all hours of the day and night -- taking them away from vital work.

"Rachel Stafford was found guilty by a jury on May 31st of making these hoax calls and I want to welcome today's court decision to sentence her to three and a half years. I hope the fact that a sentence has been applied in this case will be a deterrent to anyone else considering such behaviour.

"Neither myself nor my family bear any ill-will towards Ms Stafford and I hope that she will now receive the help she requires so that no-one else has to endure this type of harassment.

"My family is now glad that this issue has been brought to an end and that we have received some closure. I would like to thank all those who helped my family over the last three years." ENDS

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