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Peter Hain would be better showing political leadership rather than writing letters to papers

31 July, 2006

Sinn Féin MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone Michelle Gildernew has said that Peter Hain would be better off joining with the Irish government and asserting their control over the political process rather than writing pleading letters to the DUP in this mornings Newsletter.

Ms Gildernew said:

"Many people will view this mornings open letter to unionism from Peter Hain as a pretty pointless exercise. Peter Hain is in a position of political leadership. It is up to the two governments to get a grip on this process and begin to drive it forward. Pandering to the DUP agenda has failed. The stagnation of the past 12 months and more is evidence of that.

"Instead of making it clear to the DUP that the only basis upon which we can move forward is that set out in the Good Friday Agreement, Peter Hain chooses instead to write a pleading letter to a local unionist newspaper. That is not the sort of political leadership which is required to make progress in the short time left before the governments own deadline of November 24th.

"Sinn Féin remain committed to making progress in the time available. Yet up until this point we are met with continual stalling from the DUP and continuing pandering to this position by both governments. The DUP remain the only political party which is refusing to re-enter the political institutions. They alone remain the blockage to progress being achieved. Instead of writing letters to local papers Peter Hain would be better concentrating on driving forward the political process regardless of the rejectionist tactics currently being adopted by the DUP and delivering on the opportunities created by the IRA initiative of 12 ago." ENDS

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