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Sinn Féin to mount Protest at Connolly Hospital

1 August, 2006

DUBLIN 15 Sinn Féin Councillor Felix Gallagher has confirmed that the party will be holding a protest at Connolly Hospital on Wednesday 9th August opposing the give away of public land at Connolly Hospital for private hospitals.

Speaking at the launch of a poster to advertise the campaign, Cllr. Gallagher criticised the Labour Party's silence on this issue.

Cllr. Gallagher said "We will be protesting outside Connolly Hospital on 9th August as part of our campaign against the give away of public land to private developers. These proposals will increase inequality in access to healthcare, undermine the public healthcare system, reduce its income and will involve the waste of millions of euro of public property. The Irish Medical Organisation is on record as stating that there has been no coherent published rationale - no white paper and no debate in the Oireachtas - and no consultation with citizens, much less with the public hospitals concerned.

"There is absolute silence on this issue from the so-called alternative Government. I wonder if Deputy Burton can explain her party's support for Fine Gael, who are happy to endorse such proposals. This is not an alternative government, but the same ideology under a different name. I am arguing for a publicly-funded healthcare system, where the best value for money can always be delivered. It is about rejuvenating the primary care strategy, effectively abandoned by this government. It is about investment to provide the healthcare system the Irish people deserve, not a monument to inequality and government indifference." ENDS

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