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Government must force Greencore to honour pay agreement - Ferris

9 August, 2006

The Sinn Féin spokesperson on Agriculture, Martin Ferris TD, has said that the Government must force Greencore to honour its commitment to workers at the former sugar factory at Mallow on a redundancy package. Greencore are insisting that they are only obliged to pay statutory redundancy whereas workers' representatives claim that they previously agreed to pay above what workers would be entitled to if that was to be applied.

Deputy Ferris said: "I welcome Minister for State Batt O'Keeffe's call on Greencore to adequately compensate the Mallow workers. However, his Government is not a neutral bystander. Greencore was allowed buy off and close down a successful public enterprise built up over several generations. The Government also maintained a 'Golden Share' in the company following privatisation but washed its hands of any responsibility in the closure and what is now clearly seen to be an effort by Greencore to asset-strip and make huge windfall profits from the closures at Mallow and Carlow.

"Batt O'Keeffe's Government is morally obliged to assert whatever vestiges of public interest they are supposed to retain in Greencore and force the company to honour its obligations to the workers who were made redundant." ENDS

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