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DUP setting new preconditions on Policing issue

9 August, 2006

Following a meeting of the Preparation for Government committee today on the transfer of policing and justice, Gerry Kelly has accused the DUP of attempting to introduce new preconditions on the policing issue.

Mr Kelly said,

"At today's meeting the DUP argued that even when they join a power-sharing Executive with Sinn Féin, that powers on policing and justice would only be transferred if Sinn Féin meet new and as yet unspecified preconditions.

"In 2004, the DUP accepted a two-year timeframe for the transfer of power on policing and justice. Today they retreated for this agreement and have now introduced new and as yet unspecified preconditions for transfer of policing and justice. The reality is that the DUP, afraid of political responsibility and unable to show positive leadership, is scrambling around for new excuses for non-engagement." ENDS

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