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Israeli side of the border must be demilitarised - Ó Snodaigh

10 August, 2006

Following the announcement by Israel of its intention to continue its current invasion to the Litani river, Sinn Féin Spokesperson on International Affairs Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD, has called for a UN patrolled demilitarised area on the Israeli side of the border. Saying that the announcement exposes the ‘true nature of Israel’s invasion of Lebanon’ he pointed to Israel’s long track record in aggression as proving the need for the people of Lebanon to be protected from their neighbour.


The Dublin South-Central TD said: “The announcement by the Israeli regime that it plans to drive to the Litani river, 18 miles inside sovereign Lebanese territory, and beyond it, exposes the true nature of Israel’s invasion of Lebanon.


“As with the Apartheid Wall, condemned by the International Court of Justice, Israel is masking a land-grab behind the claim of self-defence. Having been forced out of south Lebanon by Hezbollah in 2000, Israel seems determined to avenge its defeat and the people of Lebanon must pay the price.


“It is Israeli aggression that has brought about their third invasion of Lebanon in three decades; that insists on holding on to part of south Lebanon, and to continue to hold Lebanese prisoners.


“While Sinn Féin continues to support the principle of an international force patrolling a demilitarised zone to protect Israel from indiscriminate Hezbollah missile attacks, it is clear a similar zone is required on the Israeli side.


“Israel’s long track record of invasions of Lebanon, deliberate attacks on UN forces, including through surrogates during its last occupation, and the indiscriminate carnage of its current offensive are a reminder that the people of Lebanon need protection from its neighbour. A UN force in Israelensuring their side of the border is demilitarised is essential.”





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