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Raytheon protesters should be released

10 August, 2006

Speaking after the Court appearance of nine people following the protests held yesterday at the plant in Springtown Councillor Maeve McLaughlin said,

"There is a justifiable anger across Ireland at the ongoing Israeli aggression in Southern Lebanon and the slaughter of hundreds of innocent civilians. This anger has manifested itself on peaceful protests in every major town and city on this island. Sinn Féin have joined with other progressive opinion on this island on such demonstrations and will continue to do so.

"While supporting and understanding absolutely the motivation behind yesterday‚s protest at Raytheon, I believe that the decision to destroy equipment actually took the focus away from the purpose of the protest. Rather than the focus now being on Raytheon and the carnage in the Middle East it is on the damage carried out by the protesters.

"I do not believe that holding those arrested in custody serves any useful purpose. I call for their release. I would also appeal for people to maintain pressure on the Israelis and their allies through peaceful and dignified protest.

"Sinn Féin has consistently called for an end to the occupation of Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon. We have expressed our position directly at the highest level of government and oppose the establishment of the weapons manufacturing industry in Ireland and the use of Irish bases as a stop over for USA warplanes and weapon systems going to the Gulf and Israel. We have and will continue to raise these concerns not only with both the Irish and British governments but also with the US Administration." ENDS

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