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Aer Lingus privatisation concerns increasing - Crowe

11 August, 2006

Speaking earlier today Sinn Féin Transport spokesperson Seán Crowe expressed growing concern at the government's insistency on privatising Aer Lingus, particularly in light of yesterday's airline stocks falling sharply as a result of heightened security fears.

Deputy Crowe said, "While I and my party are steadfastly against the selling off of our national airline full stop, this would be the worst time to float Aer Lingus on the market as airline stocks fell sharply yesterday. The arrogance of this government and the airline management in pushing this unpopular privatisation through is breathtaking.

"With Aer Lingus privatisation concerns increasing, with such a sell-off the general travelling public and Aer Lingus workers will be those who will lose out most. Progressive opinion has indicated time and time again that Aer Lingus belongs to the people; it has served us well and continues to be profitable. The fact that Minister Cullen and his government wish to sell it off may well come back to haunt them. It is not just a sell-off but is also a sell-out of workers and Irish taxpayers." Críoch

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