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PD's fetish for privatisation blocking extra buses for Dublin - Crowe

15 August, 2006

Speaking today Sinn Féin spokesperson on Transport Seán Crowe TD reiterated his anger at the Tánaiste Mary Harney and the PDs for their blocking of funding to Dublin Bus which is necessary to purchase the 200 extra buses required.

The Dublin South West TD stated that "not only is Mary Harney and her colleagues running our crumbling public health service into the ground, they are also targeting our public transport system.

"The PDs and their fetish for privatisation are having an adverse affect on the travelling public who cannot afford private health insurance to be treated quicker or cannot afford a car to travel. These are real people with real lives who face a daily struggle to receive treatment or commute to work or elsewhere all because the PDs and their inequality agenda wishing to make the rich richer and the poor suffer.

"Due to the PDs insistence that 25% of current bus routes should be privatised and Fianna Fáil's welcome reluctance, the travelling public will not get a single extra bus from the government. It is scandalous that chauffeur-driven Government Ministers swan about in luxurious cars paid for by tax payers, while a significant number of those tax-payers have to wait in long queues at bus stops to squeeze onto cramped buses, if there is even a bus that services their areas.

"I publicly call on Mary Harney and whoever else is blocking this badly needed funding to release it immediately so that the travelling public need suffer no longer." Críoch

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