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"British must set election date" - Adams tells Congressmen

30 July, 2003

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP arrived in New York last night where he continued to press the message that the British Government "has to set a date certain for the elections".

The Sinn Féin President told a meeting "not only is this a matter of political principle but I believe Mr Blair can be persuaded to go ahead with the elections if US opinion joins the growing lobby in Ireland demanding that this should happen".

Mr Adams left Boston after briefing a Massachusetts Congressional delegation on the current state of the political process. This two hour meeting with the delegation led by Congressman Richard Neal and which included Congressman Jim McGovern, Congressman Stephen Lynch and Congressman John Tierney, also focused on the very important issue of Collusion.

Mr Adams said:

"Collusion is a word which doesn't accurately describe the reality of British agencies arming, training, providing intelligence and directing death squads.

"In the conclusion to his third report John Stevens accepted that "my enquiries have highlighted collusion, the wilful failure to keep records, the absence of accountability, the withholding of intelligence and evidence, and the extreme of agents being involved in murder.

"In any other country in the world this would lead to the fall of governments.

"This issue and the role and policy of British Governments over the last 30 years is a key matter which Mr Blair has to face up to." ENDS

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