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'Enough is enough' - re-route Limavady Band Parade away from nationalist homes

17 August, 2006

Sinn Féin East Derry MLA Francie Brolly has said that nationalists living in Limavady have had enough of band parades coming through residential areas, after the provoicative display at the parade organised by the Edenmore Band last night, and also accused the PSNI of engaging in partisan political policing after minor disturbances in the Roemill Gardens area of Limavady.

MR Brolly said:

"Feelings are running very high in this area. People are saying enough is enough. They do not want provocative Loyalist bands marching through their area, a residential area, at 10pm on a Wednesday night playing the Sash.

"There is no need to bring 20 Loyalist bands on an extended route through a mainly nationalist residential area. This is not about culture, it is about trying to stir up trouble. It is totally unnecessary.

"The approach of the PSNI has also created huge anger. In recent weeks local PSNI have demonstrated their partial approach to policing and again last night there was clearly an attempt to create a confrontation with the local nationalist community while a blind eye was turned to the missiles being thrown by loyalists.

"I will be meeting the Parades Commission at the end of this month and setting our clearly the objection of the local community to this march. There is a natural alternative to marching over the homes of nationalists." ENDS

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