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Castlederg "Black Preceptory" decisions defy logic-Sinn Fein

18 August, 2006

Sinn Fein Cllr Charlie Mc Hugh says that Parades Commission determinations in relation to Royal Black Preceptory Parades in Castlederg next Saturday (24th August) defy logic.

He said,

"On the one hand we have in these determinations criticism by the Parades Commission of the continued refusal by the Royal Black Preceptory to sit down with local nationalist residents and discuss the vexed issue of parades through continuous routes in Castlederg.

"On the other hand the Parades Commission go on to reward this refusal to talk by giving the Royal Black Preceptory permission to march through the nationalist Priests Lane, Ferguson Crescent area not once, not twice, not three times, but four times in total next Saturday.

"These contradictions in the Parades Commission determinations defy logic and send out the signal to the organisers of the multitude of loyalist parades in Castlederg each year that there is no incentive to talk to local nationalist residents, who are the majority community in Castlederg, when they can have their "cake and eat it."

"It is reported today that Parades Commission Chairman Roger Poole is warning that from the autumn it will be a case of 'No talk, No walk.' However given yesterday's illogical decisions, I think there will be a large degree of scepticism from within the nationalist community about whether Mr Poole and his Commission are prepared to adhere to this basic civil rights based approach. ENDS

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