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UDR monument sends out clear message nationalists not welcome in Lisburn

23 August, 2006

Sinn Féin Group leader on Lisburn Council Paul Butler today described the proposed memorial for the UDR in Lisburn City centre as deeply insulting to the many victims of this unionist militia.

Cllr. Butler said:

"It is high time that Lisburn Council stopped pedalling the myth that Lisburn is a ŒCity for All‚. The council excludes nationalists and republicans from the top positions, it insists on breaking equality law by flying the Union Jack 365 days every year and has now decided to place a monument to the UDR militia in the city centre.

"The UDR was involved in the murder of many nationalists and it has been acknowledged by the British government as being the source for much of the loyalist death squads‚ weaponry. If monuments are to be erected to the UDR then it should be in non contentious areas or indeed within the military bases from where they operated. A city centre is no such place for such a memorial of this kind. A clear message is being sent out that Catholics and nationalists, the victims of this force, are not welcome in Lisburn, a fact which will have to be acknowledged by any potential future investors in the area.

"Tonight within the Lisburn Borough a local family will hold a vigil to remember their son killed 20 years ago. It is widely accepted that the UDR are involved in this murder, yet UUP, DUP and Alliance Councillors think that it is appropriate that a monument to the killers of Michael Power be erected in the centre of the Council area in which he lived." ENDS

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