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SDLP seek to give British securocrats control over CRJ schemes in Ireland

23 August, 2006

Following today's meeting of the Preparation for Government Committee at Stormont, Sinn Féin MLA, Raymond McCartney said:

"Today we had a useful discussion on the issue of Community Restorative Justice and its value in dealing with anti-social behaviour. Sinn Fein was, however reluctant to agree definitive proposals without hearing the views of Community Restorative Justice practitioners. We therefore proposed that CRJ projects be given the opportunity to express their views to the committee before the committee reached final conclusions. This proposal was rejected.

"The SDLP also made a number of proposals all of which would have given the British government and its agencies total control over these community schemes. Sinn Fein expressed resolute opposition to the British government being given such a role, stressing the need for independent scrutiny and oversight.

"Community Restorative Justice schemes perform a valuable and essential role in many areas. But at today's meeting Sinn Fein again emphasised the need to resolve the wider issue of policing through the early transfer of policing and justice powers to a functioning local Assembly. Once again the DUP ran away from this issue." ENDS

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