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Protest Meeting opposing Magilligan Sewage Plant

25 August, 2006

Another public meeting is to be held on Wednesday 30th August at 7.00pm in the Magilligan Community Centre to galvanise public opposition to a DRD Water Services proposal to construct a waste water treatment plant including inlet works, control building and treatment processes such as membrane bioreactors, sludge holding tanks and storm balancing tanks just 100 yards from local homes and premium farm land.

Sinn Féin Bellarena councillor Paddy Butcher said the local community were outraged with Water Service whom he claims have ignored a petition signed by 470 local residents and has moved to vest lands for the implementation of the scheme. Limavady Council Planning and Development Services Committee, of which Cllr Butcher is Chairperson, have unanimously rejected an application from DRD Water Service to build the sewage plant at the Big Drain Bridge on Point Road Magilligan.

Cllr Butcher said:

"This campaign enjoys the support of all political parties, the three churches in the area and the entire community. All our local MEPs, MLAs and Councillors are united on this issue. It has brought everyone together irrespective of party politics

"The optimum site for this new plant, which we desperately need and is already years overdue, is at the existing MOD and Prison treatment works at Magilligan Point.

"Over the last six months Water Services have completely ignored several requests for explanations from local residents and elected representatives.

"Fundamental questions have not been addressed.

· Why is Water Services wasting public money vesting private land when government owned land is available nearby at no cost?

· Why has Water Service refused to comment on the potential economic consequences for farmers dependent on the Big Drain if it is to be used as a discharge point for the proposed plant?

· Why have they refused to respond to complaints that the Big Drain is dry for many months of the year with no water flow to drain away discharges?

· Normal planning process and consultations have not been carried out yet they refuse to confirm whether Crown immunity was applied and if so why can't they justify it?

"These are straightforward questions deserve straightforward answers and we will persist until they are dealt with." ENDS

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