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Sinn Féin meet Justice Oversight Commissioner

5 August, 2003

A Sinn Féin delegation met with Lord Clyde the Justice Oversight Commissioner yesterday in the party's offices at Stormont.

Speaking after the meeting Newry Armagh representative Conor Murphy said:

"Criminal Justice was one of the key areas raised by Sinn Féin in the negotiations with the British and Irish governments leading up to the publication of the Joint Declaration. It was Sinn Féin that argued that the new Act and accompanying Implementation Plan would not achieve the changes necessary in the Criminal Justice system.

"The British government agreed to produce a new Implementation Plan and new legislation that will place a greater emphasis on All Ireland co-operation, human rights, on achieving representativeness and on accountability. These developments were hard won. But there still needs to be movement, particularly on the transfer of powers to a local Assembly, if we are to achieve a criminal justice system that is fair, representative, accountable and commands the confidence of the entire community.

"Today‚s meeting with the Justice Oversight Commissioner Lord Clyde is a continuation of Sinn Féin‚s determination to ensure that the required changes are put in place and that there is a clear timetable for implementing the new Criminal Justice Plan. We will also continue to push for the further moves that are required.

"Sinn Féin will monitor implementation to ensure that there is progress on the Judicial Appointments Commission and the mechanisms that ensure its representativeness; action to address the issue of judicial representativeness; the duty on the DPP to refer all cases of PSNI misconduct to the Police Ombudsman; and the duty of all criminal justice agencies to have due regard of international and human rights standards." ENDS

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