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US dishonesty on 'network of CIA gulags' raises further questions about Shannon -- Ó Snodaigh

7 September, 2006

Sinn Féin International Affairs spokesperson Aengus Ó Snodaigh has said that the revelation from US President Bush confirming the existence of a 'network of CIA gulags' is another example of US dishonesty in the so-called war on terror. Pointing to reports of torture and abuse of prisoners, he argued that the dishonesty of the US administration on this issue raised fresh questions about Irish complicity in the occupation of Iraq through permitting the use of Shannon by US forces.

The Dublin South-Central TD said: "The statement from US President Bush simply confirms what has long been known throughout the world since November of last year, but which the US administration has always denied. The Central Intelligence Agency operates secret prisons in locations across the world for the detention and interrogation of prisoners.

"These prisoners are held without any judicial oversight, access to legal advice or assistance and without their families knowing anything. While detained, according to numerous reports they have been subjected to physical and mental abuse that meets any definition of torture other than that of the US administration, which has indulged in verbal gymnastics to define some extreme forms of interrogations as anything other than torture.

"The announcement from Bush raises new questions about our complicity in the US occupation of Iraq and its network of CIA gulags. If the US has lied about the existence of these interrogation centres, if its contempt for international law is so great, why does the Irish government, having already been lied to by the US about weapons shipments through Shannon, insist on believing without question every outlandish statement from Washington?"


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