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Riverbanks need to be urgently sandbagged - Cllr. Doolan 

8 September, 2006

Speaking today at a meeting with Dublin City Council management Sinn Féin Cllr. Daithí Doolan called "for the areas along the River Liffey and River Dodder to be sandbagged before high tides due this weekend & support advice provided to the communities potentially affected."


Doolan outlined, "1000's of peoples homes are at risk of flooding. Today's meeting was called at my own request to discuss the City Council's Emergency Response Plan to the predicted high tides and possible flooding this weekend. The plan includes coordination of emergency services across Dublin. The situation needs to be monitored on an hour by hour basis and the City Council needs to ensure a coordinated immediate response should it be required.”


Cllr. Doolan detailed at the meeting the sense of crisis felt within his constituency of Dublin South East. “The feedback we are getting from people is that they are genuinely terrified that the dreadful flood damage experienced in 2002 will be repeated. It is critical that information informing residents of the Councils Emergency Response Plan and practical advice on how they can protect their property & person be immediately circulated to all homes affected”.


In conclusion Cllr. Doolan called on Dublin City Council, "to ensure that residents at risk know exactly what is happening and what responses are in place. The communities affected need urgent reassurance that a plan is in place and to be clear on where to get help, before it is too late."  

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