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Maghaberry Review Panel

5 August, 2003

Responding to the announcement of a Review by the British government into safety at Maghaberry, Sinn Féin Representative Michael Ferguson said:

"The setting up of this Review is a tacit admission that the safety of prisoners is the issue. This makes it clear cut. What is required is segregation. The NIO should move immediately to introduce this.

"It is a question of commonsense.

"There is no logic in trying to force loyalist and republican prisoners to live together in prison.

"There is no need for a review to establish it is not safe to continue with a policy of forced integration. A review will only bring delay and possibly even allow for the situation there to deteriorate.

"The NIO already operate a policy of segregation in Maghaberry for individuals from within the differing factions of Loyalism. This was a decision taken on the grounds of safety and without any necessity for a review.

"The same logic should be applied across the board and segregation introduced without further delay." ENDS

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