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Ferris supports protest against milk price cuts

13 September, 2006

The Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Agriculture, Martin Ferris TD has voiced his strong support for farmers who are to hold a protest today outside the headquarters of the Kerry Group in reaction to its announcement of a cut in the price paid to farmers for milk. The 6c per gallon cut will be introduced from January. Deputy Ferris will attend the protest.

Deputy Ferris said: "This price cut is only the latest in a series of attacks from the major processors on the income of dairy farmers. The 6c per gallon cut will have a huge impact on the incomes of Kerry Group suppliers and may well make it impossible for some operators to remain in business. The cut once again emphasises the extent to which the major plcs have come to dominate the market against the interests of producers.

"It also underlines my previous assertions that the growing dominance of the major processors and the decline of genuine co-operatives are further weakening the position of farmers. Unless something is done to address this situation then we are facing a situation not dissimilar to that which now pertains in other countries where farmers are reduced to the status of contractors with no power and constantly diminishing margins." ENDS

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