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EU must take lead from Hans Blix - Cllr. Doolan

14 September, 2006

Sinn Féin's Dublin Spokesperson on Europe & Representative for Dublin South East, Cllr. Daithí Doolan today welcomed Dr. Hans Blix to Dublin. In his address to the National Forum on Europe Cllr. Doolan congratulated Dr Blix, Chairperson of The Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission, for his work in promoting global disarmament & non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Speaking today at the National Forum on the Future of Europe Cllr. Doolan said:

"The EU must take the lead form Dr. Hans Blix and heed his call for an end to nuclear, biological & chemical weapons of terror. It is not acceptable that the EU continue to allow the US, Britain and France threaten our very existence with their nuclear weapons while also accepting Israel‚s persistent refusal to sign up to the Non-Proliferation Treaty which enacted in 1968. Nuclear weapons remain the single biggest threat to life on this planet and they must be banished once and for all.‰

Cllr. Doolan added:

"The European Union must stop acting in collusion with US & Israeli foreign policy and take a positive neutral role in promoting a world without these nuclear weapons of mass destruction. The US continues to finger wag and preach democracy while maintaining the largest quantity in weapons of mass destruction. The EU must actively challenge this and statements threatening pre-emptive nuclear attacks as were issued last year by Washington. Unfortunately the EU to date has been seen to have unquestionably supported the US administration and their games of mass deception. This has to stop. The role of the EU must be one of an independent, honest & fair broker between nations. "

In conclusion Cllr. Doolan called on the Irish Government, "to take a lead in forging a new path for Europe, one that promotes nuclear disarmament and focuses on resolving world conflicts through peaceful means and a respect for international law. International law, not aggressive military tactics should be our tools when implementing foreign policy. Our government must demand nothing less." ENDS

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