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Adams - Butler Attack - Signs Of Collusion

6 August, 2003

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has said that there are serious concerns about collusion between the PSNI and the loyalists in the bomb attack on the home of Cllr. Paul Butler yesterday.

Mr Adams said:

" Paul Butler's home is overlooked by a number of spy cameras operated by the PSNI. The PSNI have said in this mornings Irish News that if the cameras were not recording then PSNI personnel were observing them. This means that the PSNI either recorded the attack or witnessed the attack and took no action. They then informed the media that what was clearly a highly flammable device was in fact a hoax.

" In addition to this after the forensic team left the Butler home yesterday parts of the device and a roll of tape possibly used in its assembly were found nearby. It is clear that the examination of the scene was seriously flawed and has ensured that potentially crucial evidence was not retrieved.

" These are classic symptoms of collusion. Loyalists being allowed to move with impunity past security installations and into the heart of republican districts, false spins given to the media and the follow up investigation carried out in such an indifferent manner as to render any convictions unlikely.

" This fits into the pattern of investigation outlined by PSNI detective Roy Suitters recently when he admitted failing to arrest those responsible for the murder of Gerard Lawlor." ENDS

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