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Ferris: Shell statement makes a mockery of 'consultation'

22 September, 2006

The Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Natural Resources, Martin Ferris TD has said that the statement by Terry Nolan, deputy director of Shell, ruling out an offshore platform in the Corrib gas field, makes a mockery of the company's claim to be genuinely interested in consulting the local community with regard to the location of the pipeline and processing facilities.

Deputy Ferris said: "The fundamental objection which the protestors have is with regard to the siting of a dangerous pipeline onshore. Shell has failed to address the proposal for a shallow water platform, erecting a straw man argument about deep water platforms that no-one is making. It is clearly determined to proceed with the project as currently envisaged regardless of the ongoing objections to the project.

"It is also clear that everything that has taken place since the release of the Rossport Five almost one year ago has been a cynical public relations exercise and that Shell and its partners are still prepared to ride roughshod over the interests of the Rossport community in order to force the project into operation.

"What is also clear however, is that the campaign in Mayo is as strong as ever, with substantial pickets involving scores of local people, over a hundred at one point, ensuring that attempts by Shell to enter the Ballinaboy facility have failed. Sinn Féin remains committed to supporting this campaign and I congratulate and commend the people involved.

"I would take this opportunity to reiterate my earlier assertions that given the current licensing and revenue terms surrounding oil and gas exploration the Corrib field will bring little or no benefit to the Irish people."


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