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Paisley told to face up to his political responsibilities

3 October, 2006

Sinn Féin MP for Newry and Armagh Conor Murphy has today told DUP leader Ian Paisley that he needs to face up to his political responsibilities and to convince the nationalist and republican community that he is willing to share the future on this island with them.

Speaking today Mr Murphy said:

"Sinn Féin has consistently faced up to our responsibilities and the associated challenges for this process. Only a short time remains until the 24th November deadline. It has been clear for quite some time that decision time is looming for Ian Paisley. To this point he appears intent on hiding behind preconditions to avoid a real political engagement.

"After years of sectarian anti-catholic rhetoric from Ian Paisley, it is of course welcome that a meeting between himself and Archbishop Sean Brady will take place. However, it is ironic that Ian Paisley, the majority voice of political unionism will not talk to Gerry Adams, the majority voice of political nationalism unless it is about Gerry Adams repenting for his 'sins' while at the same time Ian Paisley will only talk to the leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Archbishop Brady about political matters.

"This apparently strange logic may sit well with those who seek to resist change in our community. Its objective however is avoidance of real dialogue. Ian Paisley cannot hide forever. He cannot be permitted to freeze the peace process." ENDS

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