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PSNI Endanger Lives Of SF Councillors Family

8 August, 2003

Antrim Sinn Féin Councillor Martin McManus has accused the PSNI of deliberately endangering the lives of himself and his family. Cllr. McManus' allegation comes after the PSNI wrote to his solicitor and claimed to have visited Cllr. McManus on April 26th and advised him of a death threat. No such visit took place and no warning was received by Cllr. McManus or any member of his family.

Cllr. McManus said:

"Recently a loyalist was convicted of possessing the details of a Sinn Féin Councillor in Antrim and he received a suspended sentence. After this case my solicitor wrote to the PSNI demanding to know whether or not this information related to me. The PSNI have now written back claiming that the information this man had did not relate to myself.

"However in the letter the PSNI claim that I was informed of a separate threat to my life on April 26th 2003. I was not informed of such a threat. In fact I was actually out of the country on that date and family members have confirmed that the PSNI did not come to my home on that date.

"It seems that the PSNI have information relating to a threat on my life but have decided not to pass that information on to me. In this letter the PSNI have been caught out playing God with peoples lives. Serious questions need to be answered. The PSNI have deliberately endangered not just my life but also the lives of my wife and children." ENDS

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