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March and Rally Against Collusion - Sunday August 10th Belfast City Hall 3pm

8 August, 2003

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP today appealed to people to support Sunday's march and City Hall rally against collusion. The West Belfast MP said:

"Collusion involves the sharing of information, weapons and membership between the British military and intelligence networks and unionist paramilitaries. To improve efficiency British military intelligence reorganised and rearmed unionist murder gangs in the 1980's. Hundreds of people were killed and many more injured and maimed in a campaign of state sponsored murder.

"The British agencies that executed this policy remain in place. RUC Special Branch is now the PSNI Special Branch. The British Army Force Research Unit has been renamed the Joint Services Group and MI5 continues to operate as before.

"No member of the Special Branch or British military Intelligence has been indicted for these crimes. This policy of collusion has never been reversed. It remains intact today.

"The truth about the role of the British government and its agencies is long overdue. The families of those who died as a result of a collusion policy have a right to the truth and in their pursuit of the truth deserve the support of the wider community.

"On August 10 Sinn Fein in conjunction with the families of victims of the collusion policy will stage a march to and rally at Belfast City Hall. By attending in large numbers we can add to the mounting pressure on the British government to place the details of this policy in the public domain.

"Its time for the truth about collusion." ENDS

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