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Strabane District Council calls upon DUP to support immediate restoration of Assembly and Executive

10 October, 2006

Last night a majority of Strabane District Councillors backed a motion calling upon the DUP "to support the immediate restoration of the Assembly and the Executive, given the dire consequences of British Direct Rule".

The Sinn Fein motion was debated at a specially convened meeting of the local council last night and was carried by 9 votes to 3 (with the 8 Sinn Fein councillors and an Independent Nationalist voting in favour, the 3 DUP councillors voting against, the 2 UUP Councillors abstaining, with the 2 SDLP councillors being absent from the debate).

Cllr Brian Mc Mahon, who had proposed the motion on behalf of Sinn Fein said,

"The devastating socio-economic impact of British Direct Rule is being felt by every man, woman and child in this community, and is destined to deteriorate further if the current situation is allowed to continue.

"As it is the DUP, and the DUP alone, who are putting up obstacles in the way of the restoration of the Assembly, Executive and All-Ireland Institutions, this motion we believe, reflects the view of the vast majority of people in this community, and that of a growing number of people within the unionist community itself, that whatever excuses the DUP have used in the past to avoid power-sharing with republicans and nationalists they long since past their sell by date.

"While no one is being naive enough to say that power-sharing will be a panacea for all our ills, there is almost universal agreement that with locally elected and accountable representatives making the decisions that impinge on our every day lives, we would not be getting the extremely raw deal that is being imposed upon us by British Direct Rule Ministers who couldn't give a damn.

"The DUP have a clear choice to make. Do they want to persist with their silly games or do they want to get back into the institutions and begin working to undo the damage done by this British Direct Rule Administration and for the betterment of everyone in the community, not least their own constituents." Ends

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