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Ferris slams demonisation of Rossport protestors

12 October, 2006

The Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Natural Resources, Martin Ferris TD has strongly criticised the manner in which the protestors at the Bellanaboy refinery are being demonised and treated as criminals by the mainstream media and the state. He also voiced his concern at the manner in which the Gardai are handling the protests and the increasingly heavy handed fashion in which they are dealing with the situation, as evidenced by the arrests there this morning.


The Kerry North TD said: “It is ironic that at a time when anti-social thugs are allowed intimidate families out of their homes, massive Garda resources are being deployed to enforce the will of a multi national against the wishes of the local people and against the economic interests of the Irish people.


“While decent law abiding people are being dragged off the roads in Bellanaboy Shell’s friends in the media are conducting a campaign to portray them in a sinister light. Contrary to the tabloid style nonsense that we heard on Morning Ireland today, the only intimidation being carried out in the area is by Shell and their mercenaries in Garda uniform. Journalism should not be simply pandering to multinational interests.


“I understand that a national Day of Action has been called by the campaign for October 20th asking people to go down to Bellanaboy and show their support for the people on the frontline of this battle. I would urge people to show their support on that day, to demonstrate that the campaign is stronger than ever and that the people of Ireland see through Shell spin and media misinformation to the heart of the issue. That Ireland’s natural resources have been given away by successive governments and are to be exploited in a dangerous fashion against the wishes of local people.”



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