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Leading Republican receives loyalist death threat

24 October, 2006

North Belfast Republican Martin Meehan has received what he has described as "the latest in a long line of death threats from loyalist paramilitaries".

Mr Meehan made his comments after he was visited by the PSNI at the weekend and warned his life was in danger.

Speaking today Mr Meehan said:

"At approximately 7.10pm on Saturday evening last, the PSNI arrived at my door with a sheet of paper which claimed that my life was under threat from loyalists. This is the latest in a long line of death threats made against me over the years and the threat stated that a phone call had been made to the Samaritans claiming that an unnamed loyalist organization had been involved in a shooting at what it believed to be my home.

"No such incident has taken place as far as I am aware, and it is likely they targeted the wrong house after a number of incidents in recent times. I would remind all nationalists to remain vigilant given this serious threat against me." ENDS

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